Waterpolo 4s

**New for 2019-2020 Season**

Tiburon is starting a new 4v4 waterpolo league.

FINA introduced it this year at the World Championships and many countries around the world are adopting these new rules.

Promotes faster, intense games while allowing for more touches on the ball as less players in the water at one time.

4v4 games will be held every Sunday at Beaconsfield Rec Center.

10U & 12U from 18h30-19h30

14U & 16U from 19h30-21h00

17U & 19U from 21h00-22h00




All of the Tiburon competitive teams (10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 17U, 19U) will be included in the Waterpolo 4s League.

Open to any player who wants to continue playing waterpolo games through the fall, winter and spring with only committing to one night of waterpolo per week.