About us

Tiburon Waterpolo Club


At its inception, in 2007, Tiburon Water Polo was a strictly a Senior water polo program that offered something different than what was available. Over the course of the next five years, the payers began having children and they expressed an interest in having their kids play water polo.



In and around 2012, the Tiburon youth regional program became a part of the Tiburon Water Polo family and quickly became part of the Montreal and Quebec water polo landscape with our youth and senior teams competing at the regional and provincial levels.



In 2017, Tiburon once again expanded and now ventured into the National scene. Tiburon is constantly growing and looking for new water polo opportunities for our athletes. Our athletes are thriving with opportunities to train across the Greater Montreal Region and our teams are training and competing in events all over North America and beyond.


Our Philosophy

The philosophy at Tiburon is that water polo should be a healthy part of your life, not all of your life; water polo should offer a balance to life, and allow athletes to practice their sport well into their adult years.  Our program offers a schedule that that gives our athletes the opportunity to practice multiple sports and experience a wide variety of hobbies. We cater our practices to the needs and wants of the athletes from developmental beginners, to the recreational player who want a more social experience, up to our high-performance programs that have athletes striving for colleges (NCAA) teams, Provincial, National and International teams and finally we also offer senior (adult) programs. We strive to offer programming that fits our athletes needs at every level.

What People are saying about Tiburon

"My three children have been with Tiburon for the past two years, as players and a coach and it has been a wonderful experience. I could not be happier that my children are in an environment that is positive, where they spend time with people that have the same drive in sports that they do, and where they are happy to spend time. Thank you Tiburon!" Tanya Barecki 

"New to the sport of waterpolo my daughter was welcomed with open arms and made to feel like important member of the team from day one. 

Tiburon is truly focused on developing and improving each athlete by working hard while keeping the practices fun and engaging. 

The Tiburon club has a refreshing view on sport. The positive coaching philosophy and understanding of kids playing multi-sports is exactly how to keep these young athletes not just playing sports but excelling! "
Kim Lisk